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Pluss mattress

Pluss mattress

SKU: 001


  • Details

    • Restful Sleep - Designed to offer luxurious comfort in all areas, the MLILY Plus mattress is our most advanced mattress. The mattress is made of a combination of premium materials that allow for magical sleep and absolute comfort during bedtime.
    • COMFORT AND RELAXATION - The MLILY Plus mattress offers the ideal balance between adaptability and pressure-relieving comfort. 7 comfort zones provide support specifically designed for you, which helps increase blood circulation, promote muscle recovery and reduce back and forth movement during sleep.
    • Excellent air circulation – The breathable MLILY Plus mattress offers better air circulation and therefore a better sleeping quality thanks to the Coolflex technology. A cool, well-temperate sleep climate is alpha and omega for a healthy and restful sleep.
    • MOTION BALANCING PROPERTIES – The natural elasticity of the Dynamic ZONING spring system prevents movement from one side of the mattress to the other, making sleep much more balanced and comfortable on this mattress, even for two.
    • FOR ALL BODY TYPES AND SLEEP POSITIONS - Reactive support foam as a base is among the most durable types of materials. Its unique structure and other layers of Cool-Flex foam, carbon corrugated foam and the ZONING dynamic spring system make this mattress adaptable, comfortable and breathable. It is suitable for all body types and sleeping positions.
Color: gray
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